How to Restore Natural Hair Color

The appearance of white hair is not only caused by aging alone. This condition can also occur more rapidly due to stress and chemicals from hair care products. To restore hair color, some people may choose a more direct way, namely hair color.

Unfortunately, not everyone can color their hair to their liking. Especially those who have allergies to hair color materials. However, this is certainly not an obstacle for you to have a shiny hair color like before. Come on, here's the natural way.

Natural ways to restore hair color
From time to time you may have found gray hair or split ends that are reddish in color. Even though it is not very visible, sometimes we will feel disturbed.

That's why, some of the following natural ways can help maintain and restore your hair color while it is shiny, including:

1. Consume foods that increase melanin

One way to restore hair color is to increase the production of light in the body.

Although this does not 100% make gray or reddish hair black and black again, but not the color can be darker.

Melanin is a skin and hair pigment (color substance). Melanin is produced from melanоѕіt cells that make skin and hair color darker. Well, you can increase this melanin production through food.

Food contains various nutrients needed by body cells, including melanocyte cells. Some foods that can increase the production of melanin, namely:

• Antіоkѕіdan
Antioxidants are known to increase melanin in the body so that they help restore hair color.

Some examples of antioxidants and are flavonoids or оlіfenоls, which are easily found in fruits and vegetables. Compounds, which are also effective against some radicals, can be very commonly found in dark green leafy patches and black tan.

• Vitamins A, B12, and B16
In addition to antioxidants, foods that contain various vitamins can also increase melanocytes to help restore hair color naturally.

These vitamins not only improve melanin, but also nourish the hair and scalp. For example, vitamin A has an effect on the sebum (oil) of the skin when it comes to causing it to produce the fluid it needs.

Vitamins B12 and B16 are also the two common vitamin B complications that are often prescribed to prevent normal hair color.

You can find these vitamins in oranges, strawberries, green vegetables, soybeans, beans, eggs, fish, and red meat.

2. Reduce sunlight exposure

Launched from the Clеvеland Clinic page, hair color can change to be lighter due to light advice.

UVA and UVB rays from the sun are known to damage hair follicles, namely keratin. As a result, the hair becomes dry, brittle, and cracked.

To restore original natural hair color and make sure the hair is not getting damaged, you need to reduce the exposure of the naked eye. Take a look at some of the following.

Opting to go out in the morning or every day, the currency doesn't pay off.
Wear a hat or umbrella when going outside during the day.
Use a conditioner according to your hair type so that your hair is more protected from exposure to sunlight.

3. Consider drinking supplements

The next step to help restore beautiful hair color as usual is to take supplements. However, before using it, consult a doctor first.

Supplements that are usually recommended for maintaining hair color include:

·PABA Supplement (Pаrа-Amіnо Bеnzоіс Acid). PABA is part of the complex B vitamins which can prevent gray hair and restore hair to its original color.

·Supplement vitamins A, B6, and B12. In some cases, a person may be recommended to drink this supplement because it is not enough if it depends on food alone.

·Bіоtіn and nоѕіtоl. This combination of supplements is often taken to keep hair color healthy.

·Restoring hair color to its natural nature can't be as fast as you want it to be. It takes a long time and the results are really visible.

So, make sure you are consistent and pay special attention to the health of your hair.
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