Know the Mitоѕ About Baby Sleep

When you become a parent, there will probably be a lot of information that Mom and Dad get, such as myths about sleeping well. Even though it is not necessarily true that the circulating myth is proven true. Come on, find out what myths about baby sleeping are not right.

All old people would love to be able to sleep soundly and comfortably, without experiencing any kind of disturbance. However, sometimes there are things or habits that parents do related to good sleep, based on the myth alone. In fact, this motto may be disturbing or pose a health risk to the baby.

Mitоѕ About Baby Sleep

Here are some myths about baby sleep that are widely circulated in society:

1. Usually the baby sleeps on his side or side

If mom and dad get used to sleeping on their side or side, it is recommended that you stop this habit from now on. In fact, sleeping on a sideways or sideways side can actually increase the risk of experiencing sudden death syndrome. Meanwhile, sleeping on the stomach can increase the risk of experiencing nausea.

According to doctors, the best position for sleeping is on your back. This good sleeping position can reduce the risk of the baby experiencing sudden death.

2. Not sleeping during the day will make you sleep more quickly

During the day, some moms and dads may take their children to play or do various things with the aim of preventing the child from sleeping well. This is done, Mom and Dad because they follow the motto above.

In fact, making most people not sleep during the day, will actually make them tired at night. This is what then actually makes it easy to fuss and find it difficult to sleep at night. So, there are either Mother or Father telling the child to sleep during the day.

3. The baby will sleep through the night in the first three months

If you haven't slept a long time in the first 3 months, then there's something wrong with ba, nothing more than a myth.

In fact, in the first three months, you can sleep for approximately 5-6 hours, each time you sleep. So, if he doesn't fall asleep all night, it doesn't mean there's something bothering the baby. In fact, some babies sleep with a pattern of 5-6 hours at bedtime, until they are 4 months old.

4. Immediately calm down when you wake up at night

Every time you hear a little sound or movement that makes the baby uncomfortable, the parents should immediately soothe the baby. This is a myth that parents may also often do.

Naturally, if the parents do not want the baby to experience disturbances while sleeping. However, the fact is that every time the baby wakes up in the middle of sleep, parents are advised not to immediately calm the baby. It is useful to train the baby to calm himself down.

5. Newborn babies don't need a sleep schedule

Newborns don't need to be trained to have another sleep schedule. This motto is one of the mistakes that parents may also often make.

In fact, maintaining a regular sleep schedule is not only good for older children. Tарі, there are also newborn ba. Maintaining a regular sleep schedule for newborn babies is useful for training babies so they can sleep regularly when they grow up later.

After knowing a few myths about sleeping above, it's usually not easy to believe in a myth that isn't certain the truth anymore, huh. If Mom or Dad finds a myth that you feel is 'weird' or ' doubtful', it is advisable to immediately consult a pediatrician first.
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