Forsyth Charitable Healthcare Clinics Gain State COVID19 Relief Funding

Forsyth Charitable Healthcare Clinics Gain State COVID19 Relief Funding

Six nonprofit healthcare providers in Forsyth County and a total of 15 in the Triads will receive nearly $2.6 million in distributed funding related to the state's relief initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Beneficiaries are free charitable clinics that provide primary care, behavioral, dental and other health services to the uninsured and underserved population.

Forsyth attendees include the Community Care Center, Crisis Control Pharmacy, DEAC Clinic, New Stories Health and Wellness Center, Project Shalom and Atrium Health Walk Dunn Baptist Mobile Health Clinic.

The distribution varies from clinic to clinic depending on the number of patients they serve and the range of services they provide, including Covid-related services such as medication, testing and vaccinations.

Other Triad members include: High Point Community Clinic; Davidson Health Services Clinic, Lexington; Rockingham County Free Clinic, Reidsville; Grace Clinic, Elkin; Public Health Mustard Seeds, Greensboro; Burlington Open Door Clinic in Alamance County; and the Surrey Ministry of Health, Mount Airy.

The funding is part of $15 million in funding approved by the General Assembly through 2021.

"For the uninsured in North Carolina, this funding has made the difference between access to quality care and no care at all," said April Cook, CEO of the NC Association of Free and Charitable Clinics.

"Thanks to our elected officials - and our donors who support us - for acknowledging the important role independent and nonprofit clinics play in our state healthcare network."

During the outbreak, clinics saw an influx of new patients as people lost their jobs and health insurance. The loss of volunteers forced the clinic to hire paid staff, which greatly increased operating costs.

Since 2020, the association has received more than $27 million to support 72 member hospitals in response to Covid-19.

The member hospital serves more than 80,000 patients in 85 fields, including primary and specialty care; dental care; pharmaceutical services; eye size; behavioral health care; Laboratory examination and referral to hospital.

This includes providing testing and treatment for Covid-19 and providing more than 35,000 vaccinations.

Santa Clara County Board of Trustees August 13, 2019 09:30

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