How to Overcome Migraine Without Medication

Migraine is a headache that feels throbbing, of moderate to severe intensity, and may be accompanied by symptoms of nausea, vomiting, or sensitivity to light and sound. Migraines are often felt on one side of the head, but can also affect both sides of the head.

Some migraine sufferers may experience an aura, which is a symptom of a nervous breakdown, such as seeing flashes of light or smelling certain odors.

Here's How to Overcome Migraine Without Medication

Currently there is no drug that can really cure migraines because the mechanism of migraine is also not fully understood. Taking medication is only one way to help relieve the symptoms.

You need to know that in addition to taking medication, migraines can also be treated by:

1. Relaxation and sleep

When experiencing a migraine attack, a person becomes more sensitive to sound and light. Stopping activity and resting in a quiet, dark room can relieve migraine symptoms.

If possible, try to sleep. Chemical compounds produced by the brain during sleep can relieve pain. In addition, getting enough and regular sleep at the same time every day can help prevent migraines.

2. Cold or warm compress

The second way to deal with migraines without medication is with cold or warm compresses. Some people prefer to place a bag filled with ice on the forehead or on the back of the neck to reduce pain during a migraine. If you feel uncomfortable with a cold compress, you can replace it with a warm compress. In addition, bathing with warm water can also provide similar properties.

3. Caffeine

In small amounts, caffeine can reduce pain, including those caused by migraines. However, be careful not to consume too much caffeine. Excessive caffeine consumption actually causes headaches after the effects begin to wear off.

4. Meditation or yoga

Meditation by sitting in a quiet place and focusing on your breath can relieve pain. In addition to meditation, you can also do yoga to reduce the severity of migraines and lower the risk of migraine recurrence.

5. Lavender scent

The fifth way to deal with migraines without medication is to inhale the scent of lavender. A study showed that people who inhaled the scent of lavender oil for 15 minutes experienced a significant reduction in headaches compared to people who did not.

6. Massage

Giving a gentle massage to the forehead area can increase blood flow and help relaxation. However, because migraine attacks can cause the sufferer to be very sensitive to touch, this method may not be suitable for some people.

Those are some simple ways you can do to deal with migraines without drugs. When a migraine strikes, as much as possible avoid the consumption of foods and drinks that can worsen the symptoms, such as chocolate, cheese, processed meats, foods that contain lots of monosodium glutamate (MSG), and alcoholic beverages.

Instead, as much as possible increase the consumption of foods rich in magnesium, such as green vegetables and nuts, to help prevent migraine recurrence.

If you experience headaches that do not improve even though you have taken the steps to deal with migraines without drugs as described, even already taking migraine medications, you should check with your doctor so that the cause can be identified and given the appropriate treatment.
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