4 Ways to Overcome Difficulty Sleeping Due to Stomach Acid

Acid reflux disease or GERD is often the cause of sleeplessness or insomnia. This condition often causes discomfort, a burning sensation in the chest, and difficulty breathing when the body is in a supine position.

This condition occurs because stomach acid rises and irritates the lining of the esophagus. Even so, there are several ways to overcome insomnia because stomach acid rises. That way, the quality of your sleep can improve.

Various Ways to Overcome Difficulty Sleeping Due to Stomach Acid

Here's how to deal with insomnia due to stomach acid that you can do:

1. Avoid eating before bed

Going to bed right after eating can make stomach acid go up into the esophagus and cause GERD symptoms. It's best to eat 3-4 hours before bedtime and avoid snacking in the middle of the night.

Instead of going to bed right away, it's better to do other activities first after eating so that the food can be digested by the body first. You can do the dishes, clean the dinner table, or take a leisurely stroll around your home.

2. Elevate the head position

Elevating the position of the head while sleeping is also a way to overcome insomnia due to stomach acid. This position can reduce symptoms that arise due to stomach acid rising into the esophagus. You can elevate your head and chest up to 15 cm.

In addition, sleeping on your left side can also launch the digestive system and relieve stomach acid from rising.

3. Avoid overeating at dinner

Overeating is the most common trigger for acid reflux. You are advised to eat smaller portions and more often. Eat according to the body's needs before feeling full, especially at dinner.

The reason is, if you overeat at dinner, the time it takes the body to digest food becomes longer. Finally, there are still undigested food residues during sleep and can trigger GERD symptoms to come back.

4. Wearing loose nightgowns

Using loose nightgowns is one way to overcome insomnia due to stomach acid. Tight clothes will only add pressure to the stomach, thereby increasing the risk of acid reflux.

In addition to the methods above, several medications can be an option to treat insomnia due to stomach acid. You can take over-the-counter antacids.

Lifestyle changes are also important for people with GERD to suppress the appearance of symptoms. Some lifestyle changes that can be made include:
  • Lose excess weight.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Limit consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  • Avoid factors that cause stomach acid to rise, such as excessive consumption of fried foods, coffee, chocolate, or spicy foods.
If the above methods for overcoming insomnia due to stomach acid have been done, but the symptoms of GERD continue to recur every night to interfere with the time and quality of sleep, immediately check your condition with a doctor to get the right treatment.
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