6 Natural Ways to Overcome Back Headaches

Back pain is a complaint of pain that appears gradually or suddenly in the area. This condition can affect anyone, but is more common in women than men.

Causes of Back Headache

In general, back headaches are divided into two types, namely primary and secondary. Primary headaches are generally not caused by a specific medical condition, but are triggered by daily bad behaviors, such as:
  • Smoke
  • Consumption of coffee and alcoholic beverages
  • Stress, anxiety, or depression
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of rest
  • Late to eat
Meanwhile, secondary headaches are types of headaches caused by certain medical conditions, such as infections, head injuries, to tumors.

How to Overcome Back Headaches

How to deal with back headaches must be adjusted to the underlying cause. If the condition is not accompanied by other symptoms, you can overcome it by taking painkillers, including paracetamol, which is sold over the counter at pharmacies.

In addition to taking medication, you can apply natural ways to deal with back headaches, such as:

1. Sufficient rest time

Lack of sleep is one of the causes of headaches. Therefore, adequate rest can be a solution to relieve the condition. Ideally, a person aged 18–64 years of age needs 7–9 hours of rest per night.

2. Exercise regularly

The next way to deal with back headaches is to exercise regularly. You are recommended to exercise regularly 5 times a week with a duration of about 30 minutes to prevent and overcome these conditions. Some of the sports that can be chosen are walking, cycling, and swimming.

3. Meet the needs of body fluids

Back pain can be a sign that your body is dehydrated. Therefore, always fulfill your body's fluid needs so that back pain subsides and does not reappear.

In addition to drinking water, you can also meet your fluid needs by eating fruits and vegetables that contain lots of water, such as:
  • Watermelon
  • cantaloupe
  • Orange
  • Cucumber
  • Celery
  • Zucchini (zucchini)
  • Tomatoes
4. Eat on time

In some people, eating late not only causes hunger and stomach pain, but also causes pain in the back of the head. Therefore, try to always eat on time to prevent the emergence of these conditions.

5. Manage stress

How to deal with back pain caused by stress can be overcome by managing stress itself. There are several ways to manage stress that you can do, such as:
  • Exercising
  • Hot shower
  • Do a relaxing massage
  • Eat a balanced nutritious diet
  • Meditation
  • Listening to music
  • Reading favorite book
If the methods above are not effective enough to relieve the stress you are experiencing, try to consult a psychologist. A psychologist will help identify the cause of your stress, as well as provide solutions for dealing with it.

6. Quit smoking and limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages

Quitting smoking and limiting the consumption of alcoholic beverages can also help relieve and treat your back pain.

If the various methods above are not able to relieve your back pain, you are advised to consult a doctor further to get the right treatment.

You are also advised to see a doctor immediately if you experience severe back pain accompanied by high fever, nausea and vomiting, and weakness of the sides of the body or occurs after a head injury.
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